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BMW and Volkswagen's battery projects in China

Admin 2023.11.24

The total investment is 11.5 billion RMB, and BMW and Volkswagen's battery projects in China have been completed/put into operation

Recently, both BMW Group and Volkswagen Group have made new progress in their power battery projects in China, with a total investment of 11.5 billion yuan in both projects.

The main building of BMW Shenyang base has been completed

On November 24th, the official WeChat account of BMW Group announced that, The construction of the sixth generation power battery project at BMW Shenyang production base has been officially capped, accelerating the pace of domestic production of BMW's new generation models.

Image source: BMW Group

In fact, the sixth generation power battery project is the expansion of BMW's Shenyang high-voltage battery production centerThe total investment of this project is 10 billion yuanThe planned area is 240000 square meters, which is five times the existing production area of power batteries. It will create 2000 new jobs and start construction in May this year. The BMW Shenyang High Voltage Battery Production Center, also known as the Brilliance BMW Power Battery Center, opened in 2017 and is the first battery center of the BMW Group outside of Germany to have complete battery equipment capabilities. In September 2020, the second phase of the center was unveiled, becoming the world's first production base for BMW's fifth generation power batteries. At present, the power batteries produced by the power battery center are equipped in multiple models under BMW. With the completion of the main body of the sixth generation power battery project, Dr. Dai Hexuan, President and CEO of BMW Brilliance Automotive Co., Ltd., stated that, “The new milestone of the sixth generation power battery project marks a step closer to the domestically produced BMW new generation model in 2026.” BMW claims that the voltage platform for the battery, powertrain, and charging technology of the "new generation" models will be increased to 800 volts, thereby optimizing the energy supply of DC fast charging stations. It should be pointed out that BMW Shenyang High Voltage Battery Production Center produces battery systems, and the battery cells are still provided by power battery companies.

While announcing the new developments in the construction of the sixth generation power battery project, BMW stated that it will cooperate sincerely with suppliers to drive the development of the Shenyang industrial cluster, including investing in the construction of a new energy electric drive system production base with ZF in Shenyang, and investing billions of dollars in the construction of a new factory with EVE Lithium Energy.

Volkswagen's first wholly-owned battery pack production factory in China is put into operation

On November 21st, Volkswagen China officially announced that, Volkswagen (Anhui) Parts Co., Ltd., the first wholly-owned battery system factory of Volkswagen Group in China, has officially launched its first high-voltage battery system

This battery system is a key component of pure electric vehicles produced by Volkswagen Anhui based on the MEB platform. Volkswagen Anhui is the first electric vehicle joint venture of Volkswagen Group in China.


Image source: Volkswagen China

It is reported that, The total investment of the factory project is about 1.5 billion yuan, It is expected that by 2028, the annual production of 300000 sets of new energy vehicle supporting battery packs can be achieved, and it is expected to accumulate sales revenue of about 129 billion yuan by 2032. At present, the relevant battery pack products have been tested and finalized together with the entire vehicle, and will be officially mass-produced this month. Meanwhile, Volkswagen Anhui will officially mass produce pure electric vehicles based on the MEB platform by the end of the year. It is worth noting that Volkswagen China stated that, Cell-to-pack In the future, Zhongqi (Anhui) Parts Co., Ltd. will also take the lead in producing Cell to pack battery packs within the group based on the standard battery cells developed in cooperation with Guoxuan High Technology.